Travel Bloggers on Andy’s World Journeys

Andrew Boland from the travel blog Andy’s World Journeys just featured me in an article for his Travel Bloggers series – click here to read the interview!

I’m honored to be featured along with the other talented bloggers Andrew has previously interviewed. He is no newbie at traveling or writing, either: Andy has visited 70 countries and he’s written several travel ebooks. His blog posts always present the most exotic destinations and adventures: there’s something for even the most seasoned traveler.

Definitely worth checking out, so grab a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea and do some armchair traveling with me.

Have an excellent Sunday! And to quote Andrew Boland, May the Journey Never End!

43 responses to “Travel Bloggers on Andy’s World Journeys

  1. Congratulations, Snow. We could do with a bit of tropical sun and feet dangling in a warm sea. A miserable rainy day and a long week-end as well. I re-read you Tokyo travel and enjoyed you saying Hi to a couple of men who laughed afterwards!

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    • Hahah 😉 Yeah, Tokyo was bewildering – but I loved it!! After the trip I took a short introduction course to the culture and language but realised I should’ve done it beforehand in order to recognize the food! I still don’t know what to do with those seaweed triangle thingies! 😉 Thanks for reading, visiting and commenting! Cold here, too. But I saw a girl wearing shorts outside today, so it must be spring. It was 4 °C so shorts, why not… 😉


    • Hahah 😉 No, my name isn’t actually Snow!!! But in the blog world it is 🙂 There’s more info about me through the links on my about-page, if you’re interested. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Have a sunny day!


  2. I like your penname
    I love the photographs and the casual way you write. How often did you write at the beginning? When you started ? Do you write more along the way ? What skills did you find useful.l ?

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    • Thanks so much for the comment and your interest – I love comment chats with new people 😉 I’ve been posting pretty regularly from the start, I always think to myself that I should post less often to leave an air of “mystery”, hahah 😉 and to not bore my followers… but I like blogging so much that I post 3-4 times a week and have been doing that from day one. The one thing that has changed, is that in the beginning I wrote posts that were way too long. When I look back at them I can see that they would’ve performed better if they’d been shorter. Internet attention spans are short, I’ve noticed! I’m always doing drafts, I have about a dozen of them now in my WP account and about 50 ideas and half-drafts in notes on my computer. But I don’t always publish the drafts first – if I get inspired, I’ll happily do new, spontaneous posts and just leave the drafts until later. I think the best moment to write is when you really are inspired. About the skills that I find useful… being a bit critical, I guess. Editing your own words and picking only photos that are worth showing. Not that I always follow my own advice 🙂

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  3. Hey Snow! Congrats, how awesome 🙂 I enjoyed reading your interview. I look forward to your Instagram account too ❤ I have just been thinking of how much I like your blog and blogs like yours which don't blatantly advertise things. I can understand that for some it's a way to make a living and there's nothing wrong with that but blogs without all that are so refreshing. The idea of a free hotel visit is very tempting but I can be extremely picky sometimes, so it might backfire. Imagine finding all kinds of faults and not feeling like gushing about the hotel at all 😛

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    • Thanks, Suvi! I’m really enjoying your blog, too 🙂 I agree with you about writing for money/freebies… I mean, where does it end and what’s the point? Who reads advertisement blogs? Often, when people talk of travel bloggers, they mean exactly that type of blog. After I joined WordPress, I’ve realised there are plenty of the other type of blogs, the ones like mine, by expats or people who’ve been traveling for decades. Unfortunately, they’re not the ones getting as much attention on women’s magazinesand other websites. Or maybe that’s a good thing? 🙂

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