These Trains Aren’t Going Anywhere

I edited these train photos differently and can’t seem to decide which I like best. So maybe this would be a good moment to try creating a poll for the first time!

Let’s see… here are the photos… Come on, vote for your favorite!

Black and white, sepia? Bright colors, muted colors?

Sylvain Landry’s photo challenge this week is about electricity, and what is obvious to me is that these train wagons aren’t using any. They desperately need some energy to liven them up.

30 responses to “These Trains Aren’t Going Anywhere

  1. I voted for #1. The color is amazing on this train. I usually use color or black and white because sepia never looks right but this train looks beautiful in that color. Brings out the rustic character. 😃

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    • I picked this one as the header so I guess it was my favorite, too. In general, I like colorful images. Though B&W can sometimes enhance the atmosphere or certain details better. Thanks for voting, Lex 🙂

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    • Thanks, Haylee, for joining in! This poll thing is something I’d wanted to try out for a while… I’m wondering if sepia might look good on these trains because they already look a bit old?


  2. 🙂 Your trains in need of electricity made me smile. And contrary to my own editing preferences (I don’t like to push up the colours at all for my images), I voted for no. 2 because I just like the photo the most. I prefer that you gave us 5 different photos to choose from and not just 5 edits of one and the same. But what do you mean, you’ve chosen it for the header? I always get the same header when I open your posts, namely your waterfall.

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  3. I voted #2 – I like the feel of the image with that edit.
    B&W for that kind of photos works well too in my opinion, it enhances the lines and the composition of the picture 🙂

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    • Hahah! I felt really fancy, too 😉 It involved embedding a little bit of code and pressing “publish” without knowing at all what the end result would look like. Very exciting stuff!!! 😉


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