Trapped or Free?

My soul’s imprisoned by my body, my body’s captured by my world  – Eight Dayz

The quote is from an 80’s song called Different Worlds.

The Daily Post asked for a photo inspired by text that resonates with you. This song’s been playing on a loop in my head this past week.

To me, the lyrics represent how you can’t always fulfill your dreams or whatever creative things your imagination has come up with. Sometimes you’re just simply trapped by reality. Not as free as the little voice in your head seems to think.

Still, I’ve realised plenty of dreams, many of them related to seeing the world.

The photo brings back slightly faded memories of a bike ride in the mountains not too long ago…

On the other side of the world from me, Bariloche, Argentina probably still looks like this. I’m just not there anymore.

Physically. My mind can be there whenever I want it to.

Am I trapped or free? It depends on my mood.


5 responses to “Trapped or Free?

  1. Oh, what a colour! I have your song here ready to listen to. I like your musings and you’re right about Argentina and about the fact that I love this challenge too. 🙂 Am I trapped or free? Each one of us decides for ourselves.

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