Downtown Helsinki, Part Three

So many details, if you just look… These are from Helsinki, Finland last year. Right now, it’s still snowing here and I’m dreaming of spring whilst reading posts from all over Europe proclaiming the beginning of the new season. I still need some more patience over here.

PS. Totally unrelated to the photos in this post, I would like to thank Amanda from Something to Ponder About for having had me over as a guest contributor for her Monday Mystery Photo challenges. If you haven’t participated in the guessing game yet, go over there and have a look! It’s a little bit addictive, but in a good way!


17 responses to “Downtown Helsinki, Part Three

  1. @Manja Mexi
    You would have had an advantage being a follower of SMSomewhere’s blog!
    It has been a lot of fun having you as a guest contributor. Perhaps you might like to contribute again next year?
    Thanks for the link back and may I say your readers are very welcome over at my blog.

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  2. The photos of the buildings are getting me excited for my visit later this year! I notice that with the old buildings, much care was taken to decorate them beautifully with grecian style sculptures. They have left a legacy of art for many of us to enjoy.

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    • Thanks! I’ve been to Stockholm dozens of times on day trips from Helsinki, so I usually just hang around in the center. The old town is beautiful, though a bit touristy nowadays, but definitely worth visiting. Then there’s an area in the center called Södermalm which is a bit of a trendy area, which might be interesting. Don’t really know any exact cafes or shopping streets to recommend, but there’s lots of everything. Whenever I go there, I always buy a little round chocolate coconut treat, they sell them everywhere… 😉 Oh, and you can walk along the seaside to an island called Djurgården which has museums, an amusement park and a huge park, etc. You don’t have to walk, but if you do, you’ll see cute little houseboats along the way 🙂 Have fun!

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