The Pond

Thian finished his lemon tea and set down his book. The teacher had told him he had to finish his review by Tuesday but he would rather do anything else. He could hear happy screaks from outside: his brother must be chasing the ducks again.

Thian’s brother had recently befriended a stray dog which went wild around the ducks in the temple’s garden pond. Thian went to the window and looked out. There they were, so joyful. He wondered why he couldn’t bring himself to join them. He wasn’t happy here nor there. So he just stood and watched.

This is something I wrote when I first started blogging but I never published it. I’d seen a writing prompt somewhere, with a picture of an Asian temple which looked like Angor Wat. A little boy in monks’ clothing was looking out a window. Now I’m using this picture of a peaceful garden I visited in Tokyo with Hubby some years ago, instead.

Sometimes it’s fun to use your imagination and write fiction. I like how there are so many different types of blog challenges and link-ups out there for when you want to connect with other bloggers. But the problem with writing prompts for me is that many of them include photos, and I only want to use my own photos for this blog.

If you know of any good flash fiction prompts with optional photos, I’d be interested in hearing about them!

8 responses to “The Pond

  1. I like it when you write. You can also prompt yourself, you know – no need it’s official. 🙂 That’s how I do it (no matter how rarely I seem to write nowadays) – it can be an image or a thought, by myself or others, something that stirs me, and it starts flowing. But if you prefer to be told more directly, I wish you find a reliable source.

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    • I like prompts and challenges because after doing my own post, I can then check out what other bloggers came up with when given the same topic. I think that’s fun – that’s why I do photo challenges. There are so many ways to interpret the same topic. But you’re right, I can of course write what I want here on my blog… Some photos I have inspire me to write stuff but usually it’s my own experiences I write about. Maybe should start doing more fiction, just for fun 🙂 Thanks, Manja!

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      • Ohh, it’s always my own experiences for me too. I have a problem letting out my characters to play. 🙂 Maybe one day. You are right, it is fun to see what others have come up with but it takes plenty of time and sometimes I don’t manage. How about starting your own challenge? 🙂

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