Boat Near the Waterfalls

This picture, to me, looks like an old postcard… Except for the boat, full of tourists – sometimes knowing what was actually going on ruins the scene a bit…

Since my tagline is Postcards from my trips, here’s one for you from Iguazú Falls, Argentinian side (2014). Another one here


14 responses to “Boat Near the Waterfalls

  1. It is a great photo. And there is indeed a frustration when something little just gets in the way of what one wanted to capture. The other day I had this great shot except for the car parked perfectly in the way. I wish I had Green Hulk with me so I could go “Hulk! Move car!”

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    • Thanks for the comment! I do feel like the boat adds something, too. Maybe a feeling of adventure. It’s so tiny compared to the waterfalls and you can vaguely make out people inside. What I don’t like, it the fact that I know how super touristy this place was in reality, it was hard to find an empty space to take photos 🙂 But it’s a popular place!

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  2. Yes, it looks like postcards friends would send from their travels, years ago. I think the boat is fine in the photo — it shows to me that while a scene can remain the same pretty much, life can bring something new to it — often times as a photographer is about to take a shot.

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    • Interesting thought, you’re right: life has brought new things to this scene. I always feel like I’d like to see how things and places were before, but the present is worth documenting as well…

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