Oranjestad, Part I

Shades of green in Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba (and all those other colors)

Technically, the first and second last pictures aren’t from Oranjestad: they are what we would come back to afterwards. Our accommodation was located at the extremely gorgeous Eagle Beach, about an hour’s walk from town. We’d take the bus there (first photo: bus stop) and then we’d walk back.

Oh, those happy times – on vacation!

17 responses to “Oranjestad, Part I

    • Yes, I guessed it meant Orange Town 🙂 Or at least stad is town in Swedish, which is kind of similar to Dutch. I used to have Dutch roommates in France ages ago. Anyway, we didn’t see much orange except for t-shirts! 🙂

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    • Yeah, here too. I live in Finland and last year we didn’t have a summer at all! Winter just turned to autumn and then winter again! So dark…. Well, I’m sure this year will be better!! 🙂

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  1. It looks like that the palm tree’s been hammered by the wind – unless it has something else wrong with it. (Perhaps it just felt tired? I know that feeling well. 🙂 )
    Does ‘Orange Town’ have any other meaning than just a colourful town in general? Are there orange groves nearby, or anything like that? I know Aruba is one of your favourite places, and I can see why. It’s a vibrant looking place.


    • Yeah, there were lots of bent over trees which looked like the wind had pushed them like that, but as I seem to recall, it wasn’t that windy at all. Or maybe it just wasn’t windy when we were there. As for orange, I don’t know the story behind the Dutch connection to that color (maybe someone with Dutch heritage could enlighten me?) but I think that must be the origin for the name. They produce salt on the island, don’t remember anything about oranges really… As for the colors, Willemstad in the nearby island of Curacao, was really very colorful 🙂 But Oranjestad did have pretty buildings, too.


      • The only connection between the Dutch and orange that I know of is in connection with William of Orange (King Billy, as he’s known here in some circles). Orange was (or still is?) an area of the Netherlands. His story is related to the long Catholic/Protestant claims to the English throne in the mid 17th century. I won’t go into the detail – it would take all night – but he became William 111 of England (a Protestant king).
        After all that, the name Oranjestad probably has nothing to do with him. 🙂


        • Hahah 😀 Now I’m kind of interested in finding out about the name though. Your knowledge of history is impressive!!! I know it’s your expertise but I’m still very impressed you just magically pulled that out from your sleeve 🙂

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      • I just had another thought as I read your comment. The Dutch also settled in parts of South Africa, and the area was once called the Orange Free State ( now part of the Union of South Africa). Orange does seem related to the part of the Netherlands I mentioned – and perhaps William of Orange, too (Willemstad … William’s City?)


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