I wonder who lives here. Families, singles, young people, old people… What do their homes look like on the inside? What does their view look like, especially through the windows covered in green vine?

Somewhere on the streets of Berlin, Germany in 2014

In another part of Berlin, outside our hotel window, people were base flying. Paying to jump off a roof, with just a cord attached to them.

When you’re calming relaxing in your 25th floor hotel room, it’s quite a surprise to suddenly see, from the corner of your eye, a dark, blurred figure quickly falling past your window.

Followed by a muted, “Aaaaaaahh..!”


12 responses to “Windows

  1. I have the same thoughts every time I pass by a house when I’m riding a bus. I’m curious of the lives the people in there live and how their story is somehow intertwined with mine.

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