Signs of Relaxation

The woman in the photo looks like she’s thoroughly enjoying her day in the sun.

Then I have another version of this photo, which I like, too.

The first one highlights the woman’s sunbathing moment, with her head tilted back, resting against the chair, signalling relaxation. I can picture her soaking in the warmth, eyes closed…

While the second photo is more interesting with the sign pointing somewhere… somewhere even better than this?

At least that’s how I feel. What do you think?


29 responses to “Signs of Relaxation

  1. I like the first one. I like how it excludes the business of the outside world. The sign seems to say, “Move along, hurry to the next thing!” Sometimes, it’s nice to have a relaxing day with nothing to suggest that there is anything else to do.

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    • Yes, the sign does seem to capture the attention in the second one. In the first picture, the woman seems in no hurry to move anywhere from that lovely beach chair! Thanks for your input, it’s very interesting hearing this

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  2. It is grey and overcast in Calgary today, so I wouldn’t mind taking one of the empty chairs in either photograph. Second photo has a little intrigue – this way to…? Must be quite something!

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