Timeless Fonts in Signs

Old or old-looking writing in books or maps, retro fonts and neon signs are longtime favorites of mine.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to post these pictures of signs from Trelew, Argentina. So you can imagine my delight: the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is themed Alphabet today. I’ll take this as a sign!*

*Pun intended, sometimes you can’t help it!


26 responses to “Timeless Fonts in Signs

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  2. Perfect, I love many of the retro brands and signs around Helsinki actually. The Post font on the post shop is beautiful. If we ever get to do our photo walk I would like to capture some of the more interesting signage around this city! 😀

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    • Me too! My favourite building in Helsinki is actually opposite the Post building, the low white building in functionalist style from the 1930’s. The neon signs and fonts fit perfectly, also the movie theatre’s interior seems to be in the original style – have you been inside? I just haven’t ever managed to get any really good pictures of that building – should try again, I guess! 🙂


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