White Winter After All

So, just a while ago I was telling you guys about the curse of +10 °C  we experienced here in Helsinki, southern Finland, all of last year. Since I just said that, I feel like I should now update you: last week the temparatures here dropped drastically to around -25 °C. Add the wind factor and it feels even colder. But at least it’s not the same old grey +10, at least it’s something different for a change!

After digging out my winter clothes and forcing myself to get used to those temperatures, it changed back to around -10°C where it’s stayed for a few days now. And -10 suddenly feels very nice and tolerable! We also got some snow, which makes everything look prettier and it brightens up the short, dark days by reflecting light. The snowflakes are large and they play around in circles, up and down, before falling to the ground to form a fluffy blanket.

A few days ago I was out and about with Hubby, taking in a light art exhibition in town in this freezing weather, and the cold made it feel all the more special, adding a new atmosphere to the streets I’m so used to walking. I saw an old man riding a bicycle in the snow like it was the most natural thing. For the first time ever, I also noticed ice indoors, on the floor of a doorway leading to a cafe, which sold us hot tea and cocoa, much needed for warming up. The icy floor made me think of Narnia.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any current photos, since it’s too cold for me to bother trying to get any shots, knowing my fingers would freeze useless in a minute, however I tried to dress them. (Yes, it’s been tried before!) So instead, I’m posting a winter scene from a trip to Lapland, in the north of Finland, a couple of years ago.

Even though my blog is about my eternal search for someplace warm (without snow), I do appreciate how pretty snow looks in photos or from the window, when you’re inside, cozy and warm with a hot cup in your hands. Occasionally, I might even venture outdoors for a winter walk and those walks are the ones that I remember afterwards. Which reminds me, I should do that more often.

Lapland, 2014


41 responses to “White Winter After All

  1. 🙂 It makes me happy that we had snow at the same time, not nearly your cold temperatures though. However, I’m back! Which means 20 degrees and GREEN GRASS. What do they say about always greener grass over there? It has potential to turn into “over here” if one’s got good orientation skills. 😀 Also, it makes me smile to think of you walking in the snowy city with your hubby, since I did that too (with amore). But most of all it makes me happy that I’m able to use past tense for this sentence. 🙂 Snow always melts over THERE, whereas I’ve got the greener grass over here. 😉 Happy melting! (Also, also, I was just here while you were there, in my blog :D)

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  2. I shoot ice formations on Lake Michigan beaches and piers during the winter. Cold is hard on equipment and people. OOf. I always have a spare battery warming against my body as cold depletes batteries rapidly. I dress in high tech clothes to protect myself…and yet..I frost bit the right side of my face two winters back. I was not aware I was doing it. Be careful out there!

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    • Ouch, what happened then, hope it wasn’t serious? I admire people with the drive to go out there no matter what. I’m just a hobbyist so I take it pretty easy with the weather. Though I know the best shots might well be those bad weather ones that I’m missing out on!


  3. Hi Snow, hope you are keeping warm. Hasn’t this last week been nuts! Coldest experience of my life. I am just about to put some picture of the week on my blog but I agree it was so hard to get the camera out in these temperatures! The lux light festival has been interesting but freezing indeed!

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    • Yes, I know what you mean! I didn’t even try taking photos of Lux. Honestly, I was impressed with myself for even doing the Lux walk on a day that was over -20! Today, it was only -4 in the morning and it almost felt warm! 😉 Well, almost, haha. Imagine how warm Seattle will feel when you get there! 😉

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  4. Well, you got the winter you wre hoping for a while ago. We’re still hovering between zero degrees and frost, and rain and wind. Some areas of the UK have had snow, but we haven’t yet. Wrap up warm and
    enjoy your snow while it lasts. 🙂

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    • Thanks! It certainly looks prettier with snow than without! And that seems to make a huge difference on everyone’s mood this time of the year! What about the area where you live? Do you usually get cold winters or is this normal for you?

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      • The weather in the UK is totally unpredictable, summer or winter. We have a maritime climate that is completely dependent upon the air streams/ depressions that sweep over us from across the Atlantic. This, in general terms, results in the west being wetter than the east. We live towards the east, so we haven’t had all the rain that has caused all the floods over the last coupple of months in the west.
        Some winters will be cold and frosty, or even snow-covered. Others will be milder and sometimes very wet. We’re used to things being so changeable. It makes for our daily conversation – which the rest of the world laughs about.
        Sorry for the long answer. 🙂

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