Aruba’s Eagle Beach

If you’re planning a beach holiday this year, Aruba’s postcard-perfect Eagle Beach would be a good choice.

Not too cloudy

Not too cloudy

Not too crowded

Even Goldilocks would approve: this beach was just right

Even Goldilocks would’ve approved: this beach was just right

We stayed at a cozy little motel right across the beach and took the public bus when we wanted to go somewhere. Sometimes the bus was just an unmarked minivan, which at first seemed a bit shady. The minivan would be crammed up with locals, politely making room for us too.

Sometimes we walked back from Oranjestad which was about an hour’s walk. In the cooler evening hours it was a pleasant way to stretch your legs.


32 responses to “Aruba’s Eagle Beach

  1. I just wish we could get away at this time of year. What a fantastic place to go, to escape the bleak winter months. But Lapland has other appeals, so I wouldn’t dismiss there, either. Sigh . . .

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    • This was in 2012 🙂 Like most of the photos on my blog, of past travels. But yes, I’m lucky to have been there, it was great! Thanks for stopping by and happy new year!


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