Just a Bit Tired…

– Beagle Channel, 2014 –

When our catamaran arrived at the shores of Isla Martillo to show us the penguin colony on the rocky little island, most of the penguins raised their heads from whatever they were doing and gave us curious looks. Some backed away for a few minutes, but after our boat had stopped at a safe distance, most of the island’s population seemed to flock over to us to take a proper look.

One penguin was so funny. He was eagerly walking towards us, then he just suddenly plumped down on the ground and decided that was enough.

Oh, I just can’t do it anymore! I’m going to sleep right now! Oops

We didn’t go ashore or touch the penguins; I assure you that no penguins were harmed in this photo shoot!

Let me get closer so I can see you

Let me get closer so I can see you

So why all those cameras?

So why all those cameras?

Bye then!

Are you leaving? Bye then!

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24 responses to “Just a Bit Tired…

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  2. Ah, so you are back to your favourite animals (well, favourite birds). When I first started following you, you were in Argentina, posting about penguins. I must admit, they are very endearing creatures.

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  3. Lovely little Penguins. We have many of them here in Australia too. It is going to be 30C today and the Christmas spirit here means wearing singlets and thongs and cooked prawns on ice. Hope you have a white Christmas snowsomewhere.

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    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ Not looking so white yet (global warming, some say), but lots of Christmas lights anyway! Enjoy your barbecue! Hope it’s a happy Christmas for you and thanks for stopping by and commenting πŸ™‚


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