Seen in Berlin, Germany (2014)


13 responses to “Scribbles

  1. Great pictures. I can never tell whether ‘scribbles’ like these are graffiti/street art or part of the original design. The ones you show look quite effective – some more than others – whether official or not. My grandson was in Berlin with the school at half term. I’ll have to ask him whether he saw any street art.

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    • All around the center, I’d say. We were only there for a long weekend so I’m not exactly sure! I love getting lost abroad and being spontaneous… but that means I don’t always know where I was on the map! 🙂


      • As a lone female traveller, I have a fear of getting lost, but I do like the spontaneous nature of exploring a foreign city. I have been lost a few times, but do find my way after some calm reflections on landmarks. And there is always the cab to save me!

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    • Oh thanks, I’m happy to hear that! I’m not big on taking photos of monuments and if I do, they’re rarely so interesting that they need to be posted here, since you can lready find a zillion similar pics on google 🙂 Though some monuments ARE interesting in real life, like the ever-impressive Eiffel tower. I never get over how huge it actually is!

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