Quotes, Day Two: Racing Extinction

The whole world is singing, but we’ve stopped listening

Racing Extinction

I just watched a documentary film that made an impression because it was inspiring and at the same time very sad. It’s an important topic – the most important one, actually. Racing Extinction is about the 6th mass extinction which is actually happening right now. The film’s mission is to inspire people to act: right now is the last moment we can still do something to stop it.

Global warming and the acidification of the oceans are killing species such as plankton: a species essential to oxygen production. In the film they say that every second breath we take comes from the ocean. To be honest, I hadn’t realised this before – that so much of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the oceans we are now polluting.

Whale calf

Whale calf, from my trip to Argentina 2014

Among several global problems, all of them equally disturbing and equally in need of fixing, one problem is how melting polar ice releases methane into the air we breathe. Some believe excess methane might’ve been the cause one of the previous mass extinctions. Methane is also produced by livestock in large quantities. To offer a simple way for anyone to get involved, the film suggests for example that we all skip eating meat for just one day. That would already make a huge difference. (Why? you ask. Watch the film and you’ll see!)

I’m not going to quote the entire film here, it contained so many points. But I do recommend you watch it. One of the messages of Racing Extinction is that just one person can make a difference and small choices do matter.

To me, the most powerful scene of the film was when they played the last song of the last Kauai O’o bird. These birds mate for life and they had a recording of the last male singing for a female that would never respond because he was the last one left of the entire species. Eventually the male’s song stopped, too. The recording of that lonely song sounds beautiful and – haunting.

This post is for the three-day quote challenge that Millie Thom so kindly invited me to join


13 responses to “Quotes, Day Two: Racing Extinction

  1. That is certainly a great quote, and your explanation of it in relation to the film is really well put, and very hard hitting. The issue of global warming is a global one, and if any real moves to slow it down are ever to happen, we need global agreements and measures in place. I’d like to think that will be possible, one day – by which time it will be too late for many endangered species. It’s hard to discuss this, because I know only too well that such measures are asking a lot of developing countries.
    Anyway, snowsomewhere, another thought-provoking quote. Thank you again for doing the challenge. 🙂

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    • Thanks Millie for inviting me and for the comments! 🙂 One of those endagered species is soon going to be us humans. It seems like an impossible challenge, to save the world, when most people don’t care. Not that I’m an activist myself. But the small things I can do.

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      • I think you’re right, unfortunately: too many people really don’t care! It’s hard to understand that type of mentality. But getting developing countries to reduce emissions and so on, will be almost impossible. I’m not an activist, either but, like you, I try to do my bit.

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