Left and Right

– Cerro Otto, Bariloche, Argentina –

It was so, sooo windy at the lookout spot we had hiked to, I had to hold on to my camera very carefully to aim.

Trying outΒ Lucille’s Photo RehabΒ and participating in the Daily Post’s weekly challenge

38 responses to “Left and Right

  1. I recall buying a bus ticket from somewhere in the south of Chile, only to find it it was three buses, three boats, high through the Andes, across glorious glacial lakes. A most unforgetable experience, pure wild country, and so beautiful. your pictures reminded me of that, thankyou.

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    • Thanks! Quite a “bus trip”, hahah! I can imagine you must’ve seen some amazing scenery with those glacial lakes and that pure wilderness. We didn’t go to Chile – we’re saving it for another trip maybe in the future πŸ™‚


      • yeah it was quite the trip ( despite the chronic diarohea from eating at a farmers house were I stayed on the first night) all the more so because I didnt know what I was getting in for. They just told me it was a bus ticket! The scenery was spectacular.

        You’ll love Chile – you must go there next time. Chile was my favourite country in Latin America – the people were so warm, friendly, helpful, open, lovely. and that was during the days of the pinochet regime.

        so plan to go there next trip! Puerto Varas and Puerot Monte are glorious πŸ™‚

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    • We’ll have to do the rest of South America another time, Argentina kept us fully occupied for this whole trip (plus a short diversion to Uruguay). There’s so much to see in Argentina, it’s such a long country with different climates and different kinds of experiences.

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      • Uruguay? Have you posted here about that? would love to see the pictures….. interested to see how it has changed since I was there ( it was quite some time ago) – Montevideo was an adorable sleepy country town at that time…. πŸ™‚

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      • It was surely worth all the stops though, these photos are so beautiful πŸ™‚ Every photo would have been blurred if I were the one on a lift (fear of heights haha).

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  2. We started with Argentina and Uruguay one year, too, and by the next year we were in Chile! I can attest that the Torres del Paine National Park is quite a place, as you mentioned above. We hiked the full Paine circuit, but there are lots of shorter options if you don’t want to camp for over a week and/or hike that long.

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