The Unpublished Ones

A lot of the photos here on my blog try to capture beauty or atmosphere. Another recurring theme are slight oddities that caught my attention while walking by. (Yes, I specialize in snapshots!)

But I also like taking photos of details and textures so that I can remember what they were like, and angles, shapes, and shadows when they look like they have a life of their own.

I’ve decided to do a little collage here. Can you guess which part of the world each photo is from? The correct answers are in the image titles.


20 responses to “The Unpublished Ones

  1. Some great pictures there, and so colourful. I don’t think I’d have guessed the location of any of them (accurately) if you hadn’t included them with the images. The Italian street sign made me think of Italy, but not precisely where in the country. The pics look lovely together as a collage. 🙂

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