Just felt like doing another random picture post. Sometimes that’s fun.

Today, the photo that caught my eye was this one from the Dominican Republic, from a work trip several years ago.

Somewhere in the Dominican Republic (…somewhere over a rainbow…)

I think some places look more interesting in photos than they do when you’re there! Like the view in this photo; it looks more lush, more tropical somehow.

Maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention when I was there. Does that ever happen to you?

17 responses to “Rainbow

  1. Some areas of the Dom. Rep.look more tropical than others. The ‘beachy’ areas perhaps don’t, but we had a day horse-riding through the rainforest and rivers, and it all looked quite impressively tropical. (This was in 2002!) The day before had been a great storm, and the rivers were very full. I think your rainbow photo is lovely – and the forest in rhe background does look tropical.The stormy looking sky reminds me of our stormy day there.


    • Well, my trip was in 2008, so not exactly recent, either! Horse-riding through the rainforest sounds so nice. I remember a long, bumpy bus ride through the rainforest to get to this part of the island and passing by the homes that people lived in, it was probably the most interesting thing I saw there. It was a work trip so we just spent a week in the one destination, for various reasons. Happy to have reminded you of your trip 🙂

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      • The main thing I remember about life in the interior of the island was the poverty. Children would flock out of the villages with their hands out. They usually called out ‘chicle’ – the Spanish for chewing gum, but they used it to mean any treat. We were told to go out on trips armed with pencils, crayons and small note pads, – which are not easy for them to afford – but never to give money because adults (not necessarily their own parents) would just take it from them The touristy areas were different, of course, but going out of the hotel complex on your own was not a good idea.

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  2. That is quite true. I think the distance of time and a different mode of seeing helps us to appreciate anew. This has been the case for me.
    I love to see and hear of your travels. Thank you.
    I would love to see this scene in time lapse. I have just read an interesting post which explains how to achieve this http://robintphoto.com/ .

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    • I’ll have to check out that post! Thanks for the tip. My hubby has been doing time lapse videos for some time now and they always look great – but I’ve never tried. But I think you’re right, this scene with the rainbow and the dark clouds, possible boat traffic, would have been perfect! Unfortunately I only have one photo of this scene, don’t know why I was so stingy!

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  3. Lovely!
    I agree, a place can definitely look more interesting in a photo:) Often you focus on the interesting / eye catching when you grab a photo and leave out the boring parts.

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    • That’s so true! I do a lot of cropping. Though on the other hand, I do like photos that are entirely “ugly”, broken etc. But if the photo’s point is to be pretty, then I do crop some of the disturbing stuff out, either when shooting or afterwards!


    • I was there for a weeks as a flight attendant so it wasn’t the usual type of trip… we couldn’t do what we wanted, because we were paid to stay put, instead of go exploring 🙂 So I spent the week sunbathing on a beautiful little beach at a resort, with my colleagues. I’d never pay for a holiday where you just stay at the resort the whole time (if I didn’t have a specific reason for doing so), but when it’s a work trip, I’ll do what I’m told 😉 Not a bad fate, anyway! So yes, it was nice but I feel like I could’ve seen much more if it had been my “own” trip. Same thing with Cape Verde, which we were chatting about in your blog a moment ago, it was a work trip too 🙂 If you go to the Dominican, I’ll be looking forward to your posts to see what it was like, haha!


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