Just a Quick Penguin Post

This photo always makes me smile.

If all else fails, penguins will cheer you up!

If all else fails, these cuties will cheer you up!

The penguins in Puerto Madryn, Argentina would let you come up close and take pictures.

(Actually, I’m sure they thought they were the ones coming up close to inspect us!)

24 responses to “Just a Quick Penguin Post

  1. Very nice shot!
    I can hear those penguins talking now: hey, Gob, look at those strange animals over there. They are ugly if you ask me. Let’s get a better look at those creatures.

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    • It was cuteness overload! I didn’t realise how adorable they would be until we saw them! So curious, they just came up close to have a better look… and some just stayed behind relaxing horizontally (like the one in the background of the two guys chatting!)


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