Buenos Aires was captivating.

Big cities make me think of all the entangled lives and fates, the happiness and the poverty, and the normal little things in daily life that visiting travelers don’t always get the chance to see up close.

When I see tall office buildings abroad, I like to imagine the people working there – just going about their normal day – and what it might be like if, by chance, I was born there, instead of here. Would it be better or worse? Maybe they have a stricter boss than I’ve ever had. Maybe they’re content. What would I have for lunch each day?

The picture on the right shows some of the tall apartment buildings in the Puerto Madero neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, which we enjoyed visiting several times during our stay in the city. It was a pretty, modern, and interesting area with businesses and restaurants. The residences have walls surrounding them and security guards.

I bet some of the people living on the top floors have views of Uruguay from their windows. The Río de la Plata is just on the other side of these buildings, and Montevideo is on the opposite shore.

If this post turned out a little too dreamy for your taste, click here to read my earlier post of Buenos Aires: it’s a city that has it all. Good and bad – like life.


5 responses to “Reflections

  1. I enjoyed sharing your dreamy post! It’s always good to give the imagination free rein from time to time. I hadn’t really imagined Buenos Aires as such a ‘high rise’ city – but I suppose most cities are becoming
    that nowadays.:)

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