Summer Dreams

…in Helsinki, Finland


26 responses to “Summer Dreams

  1. Twelve years ago, we had the chance to go to Finland. We turned it down in favour of the Med. Since then, my ideas of a great holiday have widened (rather than changed completely – I still go in search of the sun). Now I would love to visit Finland, as well as Sweden and other countries like Russia (and thanks to you, Argentina!). Your photos are lovely. 🙂

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    • So sweet of you, Millie, thanks! Happy to have inspired an interest for Argentina, I really did enjoy that trip so much! Penguins especially! Choosing your holiday destination can also be a matter of mood – the Med and Finland (and everything in between) are both good for a (very) different type of experience. Sometimes I just feel like choosing a sunny place. Sometimes it’s nicer to explore new territory 🙂


      • You’re absolutely right. When I was young (before our children arrived on the scene) all I wanted was sun and sea. Now we tend to look for history and culture. Perhaps it’s an age-thing. As you say, it’s best to do both types of holiday. Our next one will be Malta in September: sun and history there. We also hope to do the German Christmas markets in December. Argentina still holds promise for another year. If you keep posting about amazing places, our list will grow even longer. 🙂

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