Just Do It

Just do it!

The famous Nike slogan sums up how I’ve always felt about making travel plans: don’t hesitate too much. If it’s what you want, just find a way to make it happen.

Often, it takes some prioritising and small sacrifices – but to me, it’s always been worth it. You never know what you might find along the way. And that’s the best part!

(To this day, whenever I see a Nike ad, I get an overwhelming desire to either fulfil my travel plans or to at least go for a very fast run!)


7 responses to “Just Do It

  1. Everytime we feel like we want to get new furniture or do up a room and every single time the love to travel wins hands down! 😀 We figured that years from now, we’re not going to remember or rave about a new sofa but the memories from seeing the world as a family and meeting wonderful strangers would stay with us a lifetime. Always so good to come here. Sharon x

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  2. It was and is still a very effective slogan. Simple, easy to understand and motivating. I always loved it myself. And when it comes to travel, it is just a question of just do it. The more you think about all the reasons you can’t go, the less likely you leave!

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    • I’m actually not a fast runner either 🙂 But that’s what I can see myself doing when I hear those words…. then in reality, I end up jogging or walking! But at least it gets me doing something, haha!

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