Short Visit to Curaçao

Curaçao’s capital Willemstad is a cruise ship port of call and although we weren’t on one ourselves, it was hard to miss the cruise tourists as we strolled the streets in the central area of town. Willemstad, pretty and colorful, is also a UNESCO World Heritage site with colonial architecture and Dutch influence.

Curaçao is one of the three little “ABC islands” (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) not far from the South American coastline and generally out of the Caribbean hurricane zone. Diving, snorkeling, the famous blue liqueur and casinos are some of the well marketed attractions that first come to mind, but we also found beautiful serenity on some of the more local beaches in Aruba. But more about Aruba later…

What we did manage to find out during our short stay in Curaçao is that most tourists stay in resort hotels or holiday homes and you’d probably need a rental car to get around or go to the supermarket. Our accommodation included a hosting cat family with a litter of kittens and a huge fridge which unfortunately was empty during our whole stay and so we had nothing to feed them (as usual). They hung out in shady spots by the swimming pool, seemed used to getting fed by hotel guests and weren’t shy about begging with their adorable round eyes – I imagine they wouldn’t have a hard time finding care providers. If only life were that simple for people… 😉

10 responses to “Short Visit to Curaçao

    • Yes we did, though Curaçao was a few years ago. All my blog posts are about past trips, because when I do travel, I want to forget about internet, blogs, smartphones etc. I chuck them in the furthest corner of my luggage and forget about them. But now that I’m at home, I have plenty of time to blog and be nostalgic (my favorite state of mind!) 😀 Hope you enjoyed the May fest, too! We had a little indoors picnic at home… too chilly outside! I saw a tour group in the center of town yesterday and they looked pretty surprised about what was going on… 😉 I hope their tour guide explained it to them… Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’ve heard good things about Curacao – though I tend to associate it with the blue liqueur myself! I never knew it was the sort of place you needed a car for, though – good to know if ever I find myself there (and I hope to find myself there someday!).

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  2. I don’t know much about Curaçao or its capital Willemstad, but when I looked at the pictures I was thinking it looked very dutch with a dash of colour added. Later I got to the part where you explain the dutch influence confirming my suspicion:) Did not know it was a UNESCO World Heritage site. Learn something new every day! Looks like a beautiful city.

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