Blue Skies, Part II

Unknown birds, Curaçao

As I was looking through my Curaçao photos earlier today, I realised this picture’s striking resemblance to a photo from Argentina, which I posted under the title Blue Skies a few weeks ago.

It made me ponder how I tend to repeat myself in photography, my eyes always drawn to certain details. Maybe I should challenge myself next time to really try and look for new angles. I still like this photo though.

15 responses to “Blue Skies, Part II

  1. I do think we tend toward things we love – though there is nothing wrong with that in my eyes! I have probably a thousand pictures of blue sky taken through flowering trees. I never know where the pics are from or even when I took them, but it never stops me from taking more!

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  2. I think it’s pretty normal to repeat themes. They reflect what’s going on in our heads, too. Writers do the same thing. Eventually we move on to new fascinations.

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