Holiday Mode

I’ve started this blog off by sharing my most recent travel experiences hiking and watching wildlife in South America. Although those experiences were great and I’m going to come back to that subject a bit later on in this blog, I think it might be time to tell you who I really am.

I’m a beach person. If I could choose to live my life any way I wanted to, I’d move to a beautiful beachfront house somewhere, swim and do water sports, maybe some yoga, and just enjoy a relaxing lifestyle with plenty of good food. And sun. For various reasons, I can’t do that right now. Which is one reason for me starting this blog a few months ago: to relive my best travel moments and share them with you.

This is a photo series from Nice, France where I spent a 5 month long summer, several years ago. I don’t know why, but I find the swimmers in these pictures quite amusing (in a cute and I-want-to-be-there kind of way). I guess it has something to do with how they’re all just doing their own thing, floating in a holiday bubble of their own, light and utterly free of working life worries, exposing their inner child.

Palm tree

Palm and swimmers

People swimming

Two swimmers

Turquoise beach


26 responses to “Holiday Mode

  1. Nice to meet you, ‘beach person’. I admit, that sea looks wonderful and I’d love a swim in it myself, right now. The trouble with holidays is that they have to end, sometime. But happy memories stay with us.
    This was a nice little diversion from your great posts about South America. 🙂

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    • Thanks! 🙂 I’m pretty confident it will, someday. I’ve already “lived the dream” a few times but things happen and somehow I always end up at square one… Still trying to figure that out 🙂

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