Stray Dogs, Part II

In my second stray dog post, I present you this energetic individual. We met him in Ushuaia, Argentina.

He came running from afar, sniffed around at all the flowers he could find, then went over to admire a panoramic scene of Ushuaia.

When I look at this photo, I always start imagining he’s a guard dog watching over his town. Something to do with his reflective posture…

After surveying the scene for a while, he ran off to pester a horse which was chained up and didn’t have a choice but to put up with it. The horse wasn’t impressed.

14 responses to “Stray Dogs, Part II

  1. I agree, that first photo is superb. You have captured the moment perfectly. This is another stray dog that looks exceptionally well fed. He obviously has a mischievous streak, too. Poor horse …

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  2. I was immediately drawn to your posts about stray dogs because I was a keeper of stray dogs in my childhood (much to the dismay of my house proud long suffering mum!) We opened our home to the homeless strays and at one point we had about 10 and counting with puppies on the way. It was a zoo. I can never remember a time in my childhood without one of those furry faces popping up 😀 I am loving your travel adventure and stories Snowy. You move me with your writing and the way you look at the world and all who live on this good earth. Sharon p.s. this handsome chappy here is a sweetheart. Gorgeous photos.

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    • Thank you! 🙂 And oh no, 10 strays and puppies – I can kind of see your mum’s point! But it must’ve been amazing from a child’s perspective to grow up among all those animals! I can only imagine!

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