Stray Dogs, Part I

Our special guide in Ushuaia

I’ve been meaning to post a couple of pictures of some of the stray dogs we encountered in Argentina. So here’s the first one.

Dog. Ushuaia

The dog in this picture guided us around Ushuaia, following us for a long time before switching his act to running ahead and waiting for us to catch up – he happened to be going in the same direction as us and we didn’t mind following him. He was really sweet, though he looked a bit wild. (It’s the windy weather, I tell myself)

I’m not always a fan of stray dogs, I’m sorry to say. In some countries, they can linger in restaurants (not exactly hygienic) or just be aggressive (I know a traveler who was bitten by a stray dog abroad, just randomly while walking on the street, and had to go get rabies shots immediately… quite scary).

But in Argentina they all looked like someone’s pet. They had clean fur and they looked well fed and healthy. We saw some shop keepers leave food for them and it kind of seemed like they were the whole village’s pets. They were also pretty well-behaved, though we also heard that they were sometimes a real threat to some of the wildlife (in El Chaltén, for example).

There were lots of them. Everywhere we went, we had at least one stray dog following us for hours, though we didn’t even have any snacks to offer. When they finally left us, we saw them move on to follow other people.

I wonder what this guy’s doing right now? 🙂

5 responses to “Stray Dogs, Part I

  1. I agree with what you say about stray dogs. I don’t usually like them at all, especially when we’re abroad and rabies is a threat. I was thinking how well fed that black dog looked for a stray, even before I read on. It’s interesting that the village people should feed them and look on them as pets! The strays I’ve seen abroad are usually mangy looking things. Sad, though, to think they are half-starved and no one cares. 🙂

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