Sunrise at an Airport

I’m not a morning person, so unless I’m going to work, pretty much the only time I’m up at sunrise these days is if I’m flying somewhere on a morning flight or unable to sleep because of a change in time zones.

I have to admit though that there is something special about sunrises. Especially at a warm travel destination when you can already feel the starting day’s heat in the first few sunrays, mixing with the last of the night’s lingering chill air.

This photo is from Honolulu airport a few years ago, early in the morning. I was waiting for my long-haul flight back home and admiring my last glimpses of the island’s breathtaking scenery.


23 responses to “Sunrise at an Airport

  1. Gorgeous picture!

    I never quite got on Hawaii time while I was there – but it meant I woke up with the sun every morning and got to walk on the beach and watch the sunrise. It was well worth the early mornings!

    (Now that I am thinking about it, though, perhaps I did get on regular time in Hawaii – I’m just used to sleeping in later than normal!)

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  2. beautiful picture. so clear even behind the glass!! I am an Indian but now living in Finland. I always look forward to vacation in a warm place

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  4. aww, this is incredible, this photo is like the epitome for new beginnings – flying to new horizons with the first light of the day! beautiful!

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