Sun Dogs and Reflected Cats

I’m posting two photos from the opposite ends of the world since my mind seems to be wandering between them.

I’ve quickly become addicted to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenges on Fridays. This week’s theme is “Ephemeral.”

I’m posting two photos from the opposite ends of the world since my mind seems to be wandering between them.

I took the first of these two photos in Finnish Lapland last year. It is of an atmospheric phenomenon which, according to Wikipedia, is commonly referred to as sun dogs, phantom suns or parhelia – it’s created by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere. It basically looks like three suns and had me blinking a few times before taking this picture.

The second picture in my ephemeral “dogs and cats” theme is of a fleeting reflection in a garden one spring day in Buenos Aires, Argentina…

A cat cautiously examining its reflection. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

18 replies on “Sun Dogs and Reflected Cats”

Stunning Beauty with the sun reflecting in both snow & sky ❤ .. & cute kitty … did he catch a golden fish by chance ? … I ask cause I used to have very fluffy pure white furry little friend .. who would fish them out of the neighbours pond and bring them in totally unharmed .. unlike me while trying to put them back unseen 🙂

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