5 responses to “Mountain View From Laguna Capri Hike

  1. I’m jealous of your view! We did the exhausting Laguna de los Tres hike in the rain, only to get to the top and the (theoretical) view of Fitz Roy and all we saw was … mist. However, we loved El Chalten and all of Argentine Patagonia so much that a year later, we did the Paine Circuit trek in Chile.

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    • Hey, so nice to hear from someone who’s also been to Patagonia! Yey! 🙂 …We wanted to do some longer hikes too, but I guess I chickened out a bit because I don’t really have much outdoorsy experience with camping etc. But Paine del Torres is definitely still on our to-do list – one day, for sure!!! How did you like it there? Did you do a day trek or overnight, alone or in a group? We aren’t really too keen on group travel but going alone requires being a bit prepared… or what do you think? Was it easy? … Oh, and btw, there was an enormous amount of flies at Laguna Capri! It was crazy, I was inhaling them on each breath! That’s one of the few photos not blocked by flies in the lens 😀 I don’t know where they came from.


  2. The Paine Circuit is pretty serious – about 8 days, mostly in tents. You can also do some day hikes in some areas, and many people do the “W” which is not as time-consuming. I wouldn’t say the hiking is easy, but it’s not technical in any way and if you are reasonably fit and have some stamina, you could do it! I went in a very small group (8-9 people) and I knew 1/2 of them, so it was fun. Doing the backcountry parts alone would definitely require some preparation and camping skills. The flies sound awful, but maybe worth it for the view?!

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    • Yes, worth it, of course 🙂
      Ok, so good, I wasn’t freaking out about nothing 🙂 We had actually planned on doing much more hiking in Patagonia than we ended up doing, because of various circumstances. But luckily we did a couple of nice, easy day hikes and rented bikes twice, too. Not much for a 7 week trip though! Well, maybe a bit later on, when we’ve more experience. I just read on your About-page that you’re an experienced “happy camper” 😉 I’m jealous of all the camping/wilderness skills you probably have!

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