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Watching Ice Melt in Patagonia

View of Glaciar Perito Moreno

Who would’ve thought watching ice melt would be so fascinating? The Perito Moreno Glacier is a popular spot to visit if you’re in Patagonia – actually it’s pretty much a must-see. If you’re in the region to do some hiking, scheduling in a day trip to this huge glacier might provide a nice rest day. It’s great to photograph, too.

At Perito Moreno, the chill air is filled with deep rumbling and creaking sounds of large chunks of ice slowly moving, melting, and car-sized pieces falling off. I couldn’t get enough of observing this slow motion spectacle.

Chunk of ice falling off glacier
By the way, while I have done some light editing on these photos, the color blue didn’t need any editing, it was a naturally striking “iceberg blue!”

Perito Moreno Glacier
I also have to add that this is one of those places that looks exotic in photos but in reality is full of tourist groups. Still, definitely worth seeing, once in a lifetime!


31 replies on “Watching Ice Melt in Patagonia”

That sounds amazing, 3-4 months is enough time to see a lot! We spent 7 weeks in Argentina alone, there was just so much to see! Happy travel planning to you – that’s the best part, isn’t it! Knowing your travel dreams are about to come true 🙂

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Gosh these are amazing. Particularly that last shot! It is a place I would have loved to visit, bu the prospect of lots of tourists is dissuading. Here on a random raid, Snow. All good with the link you posted here.

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Wow, you found an early post from when I had been blogging for less than a month! Happy to see you on a random raid, Amanda! (Patagonia in general was so vast it wasn’t crowded at all and tourists were mostly individual hikers. But this place was an exception! As well as the Iguazu waterfalls near the Brasilian border: so crowded with mass tourism!)


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